Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

What a week! Day one and two

The boys and I headed to West Plains for a couple of days of fun. Everybody was geared up and ready to go to Silver Dollar City, since we didn't get to go the week before because of the stomach virus that we shared with everybody! Well, we discovered Sunday night that SDC was closed Mon-Wed.! I couldn't believe my luck (at least we had not driven all the way to Branson)! Our couple of days turned into a full week! Mimi,Pops, and Jude were very gracious to keep us a few days longer.

Sunday we made it in time for Sunday night worship and trip to the DQ afterwards! Monday morning we hung around at Mimi and Pops' house and recycled cans, fished, had a picnic by the lake and climbed the tree house!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday Fun with Daddy

We started our morning with a trip to the zoo. It was a beautiful day and the animals were out and about. We even got to see the vampire bats drinking blood!!! After naps and Star Wars Lego, we had some outdoors fun. Kingston performed for us on the trampoline (Camden too) and then we had a picnic (of Fritos, Fruit snacks, and a banana). Kingston followed that up with some soccer practice.

Look closely and you can see all 5 teeth!

Camden loves to bounce too!

Kingston's version of a picnic.

More of a Rainy Day

Kingston loves to play in the rain (in his underwear!)

There was a double rainbow after the rain shower!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Can Stand

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Busy August

Okay, I'm really getting lazy and combining everything into one blog. Here's some of the things we've been doing in August so far....

We went to the Orpheum downtown to watch Dora Live! Kingston sat so still and quiet and didn't want to help Dora or clap along. Of course during intermission he was bouncing off the walls and wanting a snack!

Disney is promoting their new movie A Christmas Carol and the train rolled into Memphis on Tuesday for us to tour.

Tuesday night was also "Night Out" around town and our complex got together with the Shelby County police and lots of food! McGruff the Crime dog was also present and Kingston enjoyed chasing him!

We've been watching our volunteer watermelon growing this summer. Kingston was VERY excited and had to check on it whenever we were outside. When we realized that it wasn't going to grow anymore we picked it and Kingston made watermelon surprise with it!

No summer would be complete without a trip to the "y" with Daddy! Kingston loved showing off his swimming skills and being thrown by Daddy.

This is one of Kingston's favorite pasttimes...playing and singing in the rain. Chris claims that the boy had a whole Broadway show created by the end of the rain shower!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Brushing Teeth

Tracing of Ancestry

We made a pit stop at the cemetery where Camden's great-great grandparent's headstone is located. This is the side of the family where Camden gets his middle name.

Weekend in Middle Tennessee

Gabe isn't too sure about the sharing of toys!

HA! I got them back.

Gabe decides to take a taste of Camden!

Mimi and Pops and the "babies"

The big kids try their hand at checkers!

Cousins at Play