Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Harry Potter Story continues...By Kingston

Math and Science Night

Tie Dyed Milk

Graphing Skittles

Kingston was so excited to go to math and science night at school. His reason was not one that you might expect though...he got to go back into the building "after hours." Interesting!

Fun Fridays

Camden and Cal have been enjoying some time together without the big kids. They have really enjoyed getting to explore the museum and zoo by themselves!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Soccer Starts

Kingston has finally started his soccer season. He is very excited! He did well his first game. According to him, he scored 3 goals! He had a moment of breakdown, but after a much needed water break he was ready to go again!

Opening Ceremonies

Ready to Go

Cool Dude

I just scored a goal!

The BBQ nachos are yummy!

Camden's First Day of Preschool

Well, Preschool is in full swing now and Camden loves his teacher and classroom. We are going to have to work on "keeping our hands to our self", though. He actually slept on a rest mat without any practice at home! He is such a big boy and is definitely not a baby anymore.

Random Camden Moments

Daddy and Camden's Road Trip

Chris decided to take Camden with him to NC. Let's just say there were more clean clothes that came home than dirty. Why???? Because Chris thought it was easier to change Camden's diaper if he had on NO CLOTHES, not even to sleep in!

Kingston's Photo Shoot at the Zoo

While daddy and Camden were in NC, Kingston and I went to the zoo. Kingston really got into the picture taking and picked out various places he wanted his picture taken!