Friday, October 31, 2008

Treats on the Square

We made our annual trip to Collierville for the Treats on the Square. Here's a look at the past Halloween visits there!

We enjoyed having several friends join us this year! The kids did a great job staying together. We did have to do a bit of bribing for pictures, but it was worth it. Aren't they cute?

School Pumpkin Party

Kingston made a pumpkin face!

He was too busy to smile. He was in "work" mode with the stickers.

Kingston's class minus four students. They all love Miss Amy so much!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Black Day at School

Reluctant to smile, Daddy gets in the picture with his black hat!

Telling the story of Dash to Blue Bear.

Giving Mommy his "super-fast smile" (like Dash)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Our church has trunk or treat every year and this year we had special devotional before the kids made the rounds. Daddy was a real trooper and took Kingston on the parade of costumes and the getting of candy! I was really proud of Kingston this year because we didn't have to bribe him with a sucker every 5 min. to be good. I guess he's growing up!

Buzz Lightyear is ready to go!

Kingston was very excited that Ammie was Sleeping Beauty.

Devo and Candy time!

The Barbers! Notice Daddy has already gotten into the candy!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


We had our first Memphis Tiger tailgate experience tonight! We had a great time hanging out with our friends and eating yummy food. Kingston really enjoyed playing with all of the kids (and Miss Rachel and Mr. Russ.) Our whole family managed to find something blue to wear in honor of the occasion! Go Tigers!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why you shouldn't be on the phone when your child is in the bath...

Chris was on the phone trying to do a Fantasy Football trade while Kingston was in the tub. To buy himself some more time evidently he added bubbles to the bath. By the time I went in to check on the progress (and why it is 8:30 and my child is not in bed) there were bubbles ALL over the bathroom, not just in the tub!!!!! And yes, Chris is STILL talking Fantasy Football while he's cleaning the bathroom and NO Kingston still hasn't been officially cleaned. Too bad Daddy doesn't get to stay at home with a cranky Kingston tomorrow. I wish I could only be so lucky.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Carving" Round 2

Here we go....

Kingston starts the painting.

Daddy finishes!

Kingston gets a pumpkin of his own.

Well, here we go again.... this time we painted! Camden got in on the Halloween experience by getting painted like a pumpkin! My sweet husband humored me and got the paints out for an exciting morning of creativity. Under the guidance of our three year old, Camden The Jack 'o lantern turned out really cute! Kingston helped Daddy paint the orange and then decided he needed something painted on him too! Kingston got a Jack 'o Lantern on his face.

Barber family fun

Kingston and Mommy with their pumpkins!

Good painting job Daddy!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Carving Round 1

Kingston and I carved his pumpkin this afternoon. I can't believe he still didn't like the squishy part of the pumpkin. He did however want to use the insides of the pumpkin for his "recipes" that he creates outside. In fact, one of his recipes had to be in the picture of the finished product!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun with Mimi and Pops


I know we (adults) all think that our kids are amazing. Do you ever wonder what our kids think is amazing? Well, according to Kingston it's his POOP! Yes, he actually told his Pops that he had amazing poop. Poor Pops! I still get the tickles thinking about the conversation he had with my Dad about this!!!!

Well, Kingston is home now after a few days visit to Mimi and Pops' house. I think he would have stayed there a couple of weeks more, if I would have let him!!! Mimi was gracious enough to take some pictures of all the fun things they did. *See the next post.

They also went to "meet Pops' friends"-which in adults terms is a funeral. My great aunt passed and the funeral was on Sat. Kingston assured Pops that he was a good boy by letting him know that He fell asleep as soon as Pops started singing. (My Dad was the song leader.)

The second funniest story is that my child has turned into a bacon-aholic! Evidently there is no more bacon in West Plains! Kingston ate a grand total of 26 pieces of bacon in 5 days! At one setting he had 7 PIECES!

I am so thankful for my parents being willing to keep Kingston for a few days so that I was able to rest a little before the chaos of a new baby hits our house. We love you Mimi and Pops!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Kingston LOVES Gabe.

The cousins were so excited to see each other!

Kingston LOVES his cousins Ella and Jude. He is always asking when he can go to their house. He was very excited to find out that we were headed to Nashville yesterday after school. And even better...Mimi and Pops were taking us! Kingston fell in love with the newest cousin Gabe. He went right in to the house and asked Uncle Jonathan if he could have a turn. You would have thought he would have gotten his fill, but no! I had to practically fight Kingston for a turn to hold Gabe. Kingston didn't even get upset when Gabe started crying! I see a very good big brother in my future!!!!

Just wait Mimi and Pops. There's another one to add to the mix!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Annual Trip to the Patch

Our bible class made its annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch on Sunday. Kingston always has a great time! This year he was able to "go play by himself"! His favorite spot is not the pumpkin patch (too many bugs) but the sand pit. UGH! He was SO dirty when Chris got him in the tub, but he'll have many fond memories of the time he spent with his friends!

Hayride with Ammie!

This is the first pumpkin K picked out...

Then we hunted, and hunted, and hunted for another one. He finally decided on a bright orange one!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Baby Shower

Saturday Chris' mom and I headed out to Arlington for a joint baby shower with Kelly. Our bible class is so sweet! We had a great time of fellowship and yummy food. Chris and I were so overwhelmed by the love and thoughtfulness of our friends! Camden is very lucky to have such wonderful people to help us as we guide him and train him!