Friday, February 29, 2008

A Day of Fun

Kingston had lots of fun today with his good friend Ammie! We made teddy bear biscuits, sunshine smoothies, played puzzles, watched Veggie Tales, got tattoons, and had an Easter Egg hunt for candy!!!! He was very sad to see her go and wondered aloud when she would be back.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good Morning!

Kingston wakes up ready to go in the mornings. This morning he was having a conversation with his lamp. He was basically willing it to come on, so he could get out of bed. Of course everybody in the neighborhood knows when his lamp comes on. A loud...."Mommy, lamps on! Moooommmmmmy...lamps on!" can be heard around the world. He's so funny, because when I come in to get him, he points to his lamp to make sure I can see that it's on too. Then he throws his "friends" out of the bed and then jumps out too! He then goes into full question/talking mode and prancing mode all at the same time. Wow! I so wish I had just a portion of his energy in the morning! He must get that from his dad!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Kingston sings the ABCs

Kingston loves to sing! He gives us a great rendition of the ABC's, with some theatrics (of course)!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Big Boy Room

Well, the big boy room is finally here. It has been a process. It started back around November when he was constantly crawling out of his crib. We knew the time had come to take down the crib. I was losing my baby, but gaining a more independent big boy. We decided we would try a toddler bed for a while. I looked on the online garage sales for a "cute" bed. I found a yellow car and a red firetruck. I decided Kingston should take some ownership is this process, so he picked the firetruck. He LOVED his new bed. And I know everyone is wondering....would Kingston get out of his new bed??? Surprisingly no. We role-played the proper use of the new bed. Kingston became a pro at calling mommy when he woke up instead of coming to find me. A few weeks ago, Mimi and Pops came and helped finish Kingston's room. We painted, cleaned, changed fixtures, supported ceiling fans, and bordered the wall. After two years in the house Kingston finally has a "new" room!

Kingston the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Kingston is slowly discovering the joy of dressing up. He encourages Mommy and Daddy to be reindeer too, but alas there are no pictures of the two of us. So sad.

Tallest Tower

Kingston loves to build towers! He loves for Daddy to build towers with him. However they have two different styles of building. Daddy is very precise and organized and Kingston is in free-for-all mode. It is very fun to watch!!!!


Kingston loves tatoons! He somehow talked Daddy into getting one also! They so proudly showed off their tatoons for the camera!

Diego at the Zoo

Kingston was so excited to meet Diego, until he actually saw him! We had the beginnings of tears, so Mommy agreed to get in the picture too. The rest of the day at the zoo was spent with friends visiting the animals and making stops at the potty!!! By the end of the two hours, Kingston had talked himself into getting his picture taken with Diego. (The bribe of a sucker helped out!) We managed to get a good picture before total "freak-out" occured!!!