Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bubbles and Fish

Trying to figure out the wand.

Two peas in a pod

Chasing brother!

The Bubble Head

The one that didn't get away!

Twelve pounds of Catfish. Too bad there is no video!

One Last Hurrah

Kingston's cute boy smile.

Water Balloon Fight!

Kingston isn't too sure about this.

He was super sad about getting drenched at the end.

Camden likes the water fountains.

But the ball pit is the BEST!

Monday, August 9, 2010

300th Post-Kingston Goes to Kindergarten

Here we go....Kingston (and Mommy) did great dropping off. Kingston was a little apprehensive about his classroom until he found the blocks. He was in business and full creating mode. We left him recruiting the other students to help him build a railroad track. He seemed like an old pro. Camden was sad when we got home and couldn't find Kingston. He kept going around the house calling "brother".

Mrs. Beckwith is ready to go!

Kingston found the blocks and dominoes.

He's creating and does not want to be bothered!