Monday, May 31, 2010

Kingston's Graduation

Here we go into the big world of "real" school!

Here's Kingston getting ready for the processional.

Kingston's teacher Mrs. Leslie

The grandparents came to cheer Kingston on! Gimmama had to be reminded not to start crying!!!!

My big boy had grown up! I'm glad this is just preschool graduation!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Celebration continues

Our first batch of ice cream from the new ice cream maker! Kingston wanted to make blueberry. We got a recipe from the internet. As you can see, Kingston enjoyed licking the beater!

Star Wars cookies for Reach Group.

Birthday Fun with cousins and honorary cousins

3D glasses for the plates and napkins

All the kids together

Blowing out the candles

What do you do on a rainy, tornado siren kind of day...

jump on the trampoline, in only your underwear, with your cousin!

Mimi and Pops watch the little boys

Amy thinks she can hold both at the same time!