Saturday, September 27, 2008

Harvest Days at the Zoo

We had a great morning enjoying harvest days at the zoo. They had many hands on activities for kids and free rides for members! We all enjoyed spending time outside learning new things! I'm so thankful for a fun an educational place that I can spend with my family.

Shelling beans

So much fun, Daddy gets a turn!

Kingston practiced his milking cow skills, while Daddy is making butter.

Daddy is REALLY good at making ice cream!

Kingston lets Daddy in on a bite of ice cream.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Family Pictures

Well, this might be the last pictures of me pregnant. Seeing as I'm getting so big I'm going to quit letting my picture be taken! I talked my boys into getting pictures taken before church on Sunday. Thanks Mimi for the neat decorations!

Silver Dollar City- Day Two

Day 2- Red Day

Kingston and Daddy at the balls.

Kingston meeting a Saloon girl!

This year we decided to spend two days at Silver Dollar City, so we wouldn't have to rush. Mom and I took another cooking class while the boys played in the balls! Kingston got to go to his first saloon show! I think he enjoyed it, but he didn't want Mimi to clap or whistle! He finally got to see the baby animals at the petting zoo. He absolutely LOVED being that close to animals. He was trying to "kiss" the goat and the man at the rabbits said he was an excellent rabbit holder. (I guess that means he didn't try to squeeze it to death!) Kingston and Mimi rode many more rides.

Chris fell asleep waiting for Kingston to ride rides!

He can ride the frogs all by himself!

The rabbit is SO soft.

Hi baby goat!

Branson Trip

Annual Silver Dollar City trip!

Cooking class

Kingston got a deputy badge!

We headed out to West Plains, Mo Wed. night to spend the night with my parents. Kingston was so excited to see Mimi and Pops (and Wolfie too)!

Thursday morning we headed over to Branson for a fun day at Silver Dollar City. Pops and Daddy were on Kingston duty while my mom and I went to a cooking/demonstration class at their new Culinary School. Evidently Kingston talked his daddy into riding a swinging boat ride one too many times and daddy ended up vowing not to ride any more rides! Luckily Mimi is a trooper and she rode just about every ride Kingston wanted to ride. Mommy even managed to ride a water ride and got completely SOAKED!

We were all glad to get to the cabin that night and rest!!

The ride that made Daddy sick!

We were all soaked!

Kingston tried to ride this dog statue!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fall is in the Air!

They had to stop and pose for a picture!

Kingston convinced me he needed one more picture! Cheese!

We were going to share our cowboy hat with Ammie for school, but it ended up being worn by all three kids at some point during the visit. (Yes, Kingston has his mandatory zoo stick!)

This is one of the kids favorite spots for a picture.

We took advantage of a beautiful fall morning, by going to the zoo. Kingston was excited that Julia AND Ammie were both there! The sun was out, the air was cool, and Kingston ran his little legs off (which led us to a BIG nap). We love our friends! Thanks Ammie and Julia for joining us for a great day at the zoo.

It's so cute when they all want to hold hands. Pretty soon the girls are going to think boys are YUCK!

We finally got to see the new baby giraffe!

The butterflies will be going soon, so we made sure we stopped to see them.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Brown Day

Kingston has brown day at school today. He decided himself that he needed brown underpants AND brown socks. Now I'm not a fan of wearing color socks with shorts, but he insisted that if it was brown day, he had to have brown socks!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I love my brother...for now

Kingston already is in love with his baby brother! He daily wants to kiss the baby, sing to the baby and try to wake the baby up. He even tries to translate for Camden (he's crying, he wants to eat, he's singing, he's burping). Let's hope his enthusiasm lasts when the baby starts crying for real!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

3 year old Class

Waiting by the door...when can we get in??

Walking inside...Thanks DD for putting his name on the backpack!

School class has finally started! Kingston was asking at 7:30 this morning if it was time to go and he kept asking every few minutes when we would leave! He had a great day with Miss Amy and all of his friends. He even had a nap!! YEAH!

Kingston and Thomas are ready for school.

Cheezin' for the camera

Kingston meets his new friend Dylan!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Life with boys

Well, I knew it would happen someday... Kingston decided he would go out and play in the water table (with Daddy's permission). Chris and I were inside talking Fantasy Football, of all things. Next thing we know Chris looks outside and sees that Kingston has shed his underpants. That's pretty typical when he's playing in the water. I open the door and tell him to bring me his underpants. He tells me that he pooped in the grass. Thinking I have miss understood him, I ask him to bring me his underpants again. This time he goes over to pick up the underpants and points to his poop in the yard. "See I pooped in the yard", he tells me. Sure enough he had taken care of business and then went about "watering" it with a bucket. What did he think it was going to grow up to be????? Since Chris taught him to use the "outside urinal" he had the pleasure of cleaning up the mess!

Member Night at the Zoo

Playing in the water.

Playing in the fountain, until he cut his finger.

Moving to the music!

This is our first time to go to member night at the zoo. Kingston loved it! He's always wondered why he couldn't get in the water at the zoo, so tonight was his night. He probably could have stayed all night in the water, but we managed to get him out in time to ride a few rides before it got dark.

Riding the rides (he's almost to big!)

Riding with Daddy and his new panda. Thanks Daddy!